The Ceremony 20th anniversary set plus recording

Well, here it is. 20 years ago I started DJing at Ceremony and on Halloween 2016 I finished. It was a great time, the place was packed and I think everyone there will remember it as one of the all time great Ceremony events. I know it was the kind of event I was hoping it would be, my finale at Ceremony six years ago was great, but it felt a little lacking. This one made up for it. Thanks to Lost Boy for letting me go a little long, thanks to DJ Static for keeping the boat afloat long so this was even possible and thank you to everyone who attended, you’re the real reason something like Ceremony can even exist in the first place, it was always all about you.


Here’s the playlist:

Stranger Things (Machete cut)

De/Vision – Rage (club)

Robots in disguise – The Sex has made me stupid (dub)

Trademark – Sine Love

Bizar & Ramsey – In Transit

Little Computer People  – Little Computer People (Anthony Rother mix)

Jurrasik – Operator

Mr. Kitty – Scars

Freezepop – Tracy Gold (Fairlight Children mix)

Nine Inch Nails – Survivalism (Tweaker Ray)

IAMX – Oh cruel darkness embrace me

Fred is dead

Kraddy – Android Porn

Brooks and Black Gummy – Never Deader

Ground to Dust – Digging my way out

Pigface and Evil Mothers – Sick/Asp/Fuck

The Barbarellatones – Zombie Drag Queen

Alias & Tarsier – Anon

If I were making this as a mix at home, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been this, but probably half of these tracks I had in mind going in. There were definitely things I has planned on playing that didn’t make the cut and some things I was determined to play that feel a little “shoe horned” into the rest of the set, but I had some personal reasons for doing that and I have no regrets. It was nice to connect with a crowd and surprise myself. Things got a little more nostalgic than I expected too, but that’s cool.

Anyway, here’s a recording of the set. Enjoy.

For you fellow DJs, this was recorded in Serato and I used a Pioneer DDJ-SR controller. No auto-beatmatching was used, just a little looping.

The 2006 mix 10th anniversary

I really can’t believe it’s been ten years since I locked myself in my sketchy home studio for a few days and churned out this mix. I had a large selection of music that I wanted to represent as examples of my style and taste, so much in the end I wound up making a two part thing. Back then I burned it to CD, had cover art, the works.

Even though I was determined to make it anyway, the additional motivation to apply for gigs at five upcoming festivals didn’t hurt. I’m pleased to this day to remember that I was hired for every one of them after sending this along.

My tools were a Denon 2600f dual CD deck, basic mixer, my brain, and a digital audio recorder. I was a fan of looping, but for this I only adjusted pitch and temporary, no loops, no effects. Obviously no mixing software was used.


Oh how I miss you sometimes. 

It’s full of mistakes and a few odd pairings, but I still like this. I hope you do too.